Why join St Anthony's?

St Anthony's Parents Say:

"Having attended this school, I rely on the experience of staff to ensure the highest level of education to guide and nurture the academic growth and curiosity of my children. For this reason (among many), St Anthony's Primary School, Noble Park offers a good educational foundation that prides itself on guiding tomorrows young leaders whilst instilling values of respect, justice and kindness"
- Tony (Parent).

"St. Anthony's School has been such a blessing to our lives. The staff from reception through to Year 6 are wonderful. The teachers are amazing and approachable. My son is always happy to go to school" - Melissa (Parent).

"My son has settled into St. Anthony's Primary School very well and I am so grateful that he is also really happy at his school. His personality, learning abilities and outlook have flourished since being at St. Anthony's and I am so grateful. I really admire and commend the teachers at St. Anthony's as they all work in a team to make every child feel loved, safe and happy. The culture has made my son's transition into his new school easy" Danai - (parent).

St Anthony's Students Say:
"I like coming to my school St. Anthony's because the teachers look after the children and there is no fighting. I feel safe in my school and I have my friends who say hello to me each day"  - Mariam (student).

St Anthony's Teachers Say:
"As soon as I walk into the gates I feel a part of the St Anthony’s community as I’m met with beautiful smiles and warm greetings. There is a feeling of positivity and warmth and everyone feels connected through the support and compassion shown to each other. Everyone has their own individual stories but when woven together we create a dynamic learning community for all students, parents, teachers and the wider community".
Jodie Bawden - (teacher)

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