Vision and Mission

Our new Strategic direction 2019-2021 - Every Person Flourishing and Known
This means...
St Anthony's Strategic Direction 2019-2021

Our Vision

Our vision is to integrate life and the Catholic Faith through the inclusive and holistic development of students.
In partnership with the wider community, students will strive for excellence and acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that ensure lifelong learning, empowering them to contribute to the global community.

Student Vision High Expectations
Respect Yourself; Respect Others; Respect Your School



  • We believe that through our faith community, Gospel values are taught and lived out.
  • We believe that an awareness of and acting upon Social Justice issues form that cornerstone of our faith.
  • We believe that stimulating teaching of the traditions and doctrine of the Catholic Faith will encourage lifelong understanding and commitment.
  • We believe in encouraging dialogue and conversation around God and faith.



  • We value respectful and genuine relationships with families and communities.
  • We will encourage and develop self awareness, responsible decision making and relationship skills in all members of our community.
  • We will develop nurturing relationships based on empathy that encourages all to be adaptive and to take risks in learning.


Teaching and Learning

  • We are committed to an engaged learning environment, with a differentiated curriculum that provides opportunities for all.
  • We are committed to an evidence based, reflective and responsive curriculum which is rigorous for every student.
  • We are committed to an individualised curriculum with high expectations so that each student will reach their full potential.
  • We are committed to providing students with the inspiration and skills to embrace life long learning.



  • We believe in an outward-facing school where collaborative relationships are built within and beyond the classroom.
  • We will inspire students to understand that they have a place in the community and it is through their actions that the community is enhanced.
  • We believe partnership and collaboration with each other enhance the community.


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