A Message from Our Principal



A warm welcome to the Community of St Anthony’s Noble Park where every person flourishes and is known. I look forward to getting to know you, your child and family as we work in partnership to build a strong foundation for your child’s education.


St Anthony’s is a strong, diverse, community driven school with a warm heart, which welcomes families, students and staff from all around the world.


The cornerstones of St Anthony’s are our faith and the positive relationships with families and Parish. We acknowledge the progressive and innovative leadership that has occurred over the years which is the real legacy to our current and future students.


St Anthony’s is rapidly embracing a dynamic, blended learning program of explicit teaching in innovative spaces with an exciting design and digital technologies curriculum. We use an holistic approach that extends beyond Literacy and Numeracy which addresses the Victorian Curriculum Capabilities. Our design of learning opportunities invites all learners to build relationships and to experience success whilst focusing on the skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. As it is within this environment that children are supported and truly flourish.


St Anthony’s is a school where education is embraced; from Playgroup to the Early Learning Centre, through the Primary Years and even extending to the many Adult Education Classes offered here. It truly is a unique educational campus and community are lifelong learners.


Over the years a great deal of effort has been put into choosing the right people to join the St Anthony’s staff. The right people have been purposely sought out. People who have strong interpersonal skills and who relate easily to the children, parents and to each other. People who are professional and always seek new learning. As a result, we have an expert staff team who work extremely well together and who are committed to our school vision of High Expectations.


What an exciting time we have ahead of us. I genuinely believe that we are the most unique and comprehensive education choice in the area. Given our reasonable all-inclusive fees, there is no doubt that the wide range of programs and opportunities that we offer, along with top class facilities and highly educated and dedicated teaching staff, truly sets us apart from the rest.


I look forward to welcoming you into our St Anthony’s community and sharing your child’s educational journey with you.

Erin Nagel



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