Playgroup - Ours, yours, everyones



Playgroups are one of the best ways to attract young families into a community hub. St Anthony's is a Hubs school. A structured playgroup is an important part of a hub’s weekly timetable. Playgroup within our school community is open to everyone. We welcome and value all visitors to our beuatiful group and Debbie nurtures and knows every single person who walks in the door.

Playgroups provide social connection, support networks and open up opportunities for valuable friendships to develop, particularly among migrant and refugee mums who might otherwise feel isolated.

Playgroups benefit children across all domains of development, physical, social emotional, language and cognitive development and communication.  Gregory et al (2006)
Playgroups...(provide) essential social supports in cases where child-rearing is occurring with a peer support network...they equip members with parenting skills and resources, and civic information and contacts, that "flow out"to the households of members and beyond...they can overcome the experience of social isolation...they foster a sense of place... McShane et al 2016
Social relationships and social support are a form of "capital"or a resource.  Social capital is the trust and reciprocity in an organisation, a community or a society.  Bonding Social Capital refers to the strengths of ties withing a sub-group in a community.  Bridging Social Capital refers to the strength of ties between groups (Putnam, 2000)






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