Catholic Social Teaching Team

The Catholic Social Teaching Team at St Anthony’s Primary School is a program which encourages students to take action within their community. The group provides an opportunity for students to become leaders, enhance their interpersonal skills and live out the Catholic Social Teachings. Students collaborate to develop community initiatives that aim to raise awareness of local and global issues, inspire positive change and provide assistance to those in need.

This year the Catholic Social Teaching Team aims to:

  • Educate our community on the effect waste has on our environment and the important role we play as stewards of God’s creation
  • Raise awareness of homelessness and poverty through the St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal and acknowledge preferential options for those in need
  • Celebrate the dignity of the human person by encouraging tolerance and embracing diversity
  • Create lasting relationships within the community and collaborate to work towards a common goal

We hope by including our whole community in our Catholic Social Teaching journey, we can create a learning environment that engages teachers, students, families, and staff in a deeper way. We thank you for your continued support in 2018.

Miss Webb





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