Wellbeing at St Anthony's- woven into every part of our day with your children

Wellbeing at St Anthony’s- woven into every part of our day with your children

‘The mission, and privilege, of the Catholic school is to build a community, where authentic relationships based on love provide the means and the support for all students to flourish and grow into the fullness of life. (Archbishop Denis Hart, Catholic Education Melbourne Strategic Plan 2015–2019, p. 1)

At St Anthony’s we are surrounded by research and guiding documents that constantly inspire us to provide supportive and safe environments based on relationships and being known.  This begins with the healthy and happy relationships our staff have with each other. Educators seek to meet the needs of all learners, so that every student experiences success. We consider the following:

  1. ‘At the very heart of each Catholic school is a desire for the full flourishing of each student, across religious, physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains.’ (HoH Vision CEM)
  1. Standard 4: AITSL Standards

Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

4.1Support student participation

Identify strategies to support inclusive student participation and engagement in classroom activities.

4.2 Manage classroom activities

Demonstrate the capacity to organise classroom activities and provide clear directions.

4.3 Manage challenging behaviour

Demonstrate knowledge of practical approaches to manage challenging behaviour.

4.4 Maintain student safety

Describe strategies that support students’ wellbeing and safety working within school and/or system, curriculum and legislative requirements.

4.5 Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically

Demonstrate an understanding of the relevant issues and the strategies available to support the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in learning. (AITSL STANDARDS)

3. "Well-being ‘Promotes positive, authentic relationships, based on the development of social and emotional skills, to enable the young person to grow, learn and flourish.”

(Horizons of hope CEM)

At St Anthony’s social and emotional learning (SEL) is woven into every learning opportunity and interaction with each other. Through daily dedicated mindfulness times students are allowed the time to reflect, transition and prepare for their next learning session. We teach  mindfulness. We provide teacher mindfulness. Empowering students to recognise and manage emotions in a safe way. In order for our students to develop the necessary skills to become productive, contributing members of society, we integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into every day and use opportune moments to role play and reteach desired behaviours and dispositions.

It is our responsibility to ensure every person flourishes and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) ‘is the process through which we learn to recognise and manage our emotions, care about others, make good decisions, behave ethically and responsibly, develop positive relationships, and avoid negative behaviours.’ (Elias et al. 1997)

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