Community Garden

Community Gardening - Design Technologies in a natural outdoor learning space!
The community garden enables sustainable design technologies education to guide outdoor learning. Design principles, creativity and innovation are always at play in our glorious outdoor learning space. We utilise the talents of all students to contribute to the garden master plan. We really hope to fund a basic kitchen work space and electricity into our garden in the future. 
Designers. Future thinkers. Innovators. All flourishing within spacious, green, learning environments.

Our Community Garden is always in a process of planting, watering, mulching, harvesting, preparing beds for new growth and of course cooking using our produce. Our chickens lay an egg per day so we are always collecting.


With an access gate through to the Early Learning Centre we can share in the exploration and joy of growing food and caring for chickens.


Thank you to Cultivating Community we have a passionate gardener who teaches us the skills we need to be able to grow our own food and use it to create delicious meals.


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