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St Anthony's Student Voice in Action

Student Voice in Catholic Education - guiding principles

When schools give students the agency and the tools to speak out, the effects can resonate across students’ lives. The process of becoming engaged as active partners can give young people a set of strategies they can use to create positive change in future classrooms or communities. And when they form authentic partnerships with teachers and school administrators, it can set the stage for lasting bonds and important mentoring relationships.

Together with the Student Voice teacher leader students will:

  • Drive the Program Logic initiative ‘Student Voice in Action’ as supported by Social Ventures Australia and make links to the Catholic Education Student Voice Statement document.
  • Promote the message that student voice is firmly based within values that reflect the Catholic tradition – where students are empowered to seek truth, and to question, critique and act on the prevailing cultural, political and philosophical ideas within their world.
  • Create opportunities where student voice and participation improve outcomes for teachers, students and school communities/systems in learning, wellbeing and self-awareness (Kirby & Bryson 2002).
  • Develop opportunities for students’ active participation in their own and others’ learning, within their school communities and within the wider world, giving voice and agency to students’ needs, concerns, ideas, knowledge, skills, hopes and initiatives.



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