Early Harvest: 100 Story Building

In 2018, St Anthony’s along with our two other partner schools, St Mary’s Dandenong and St Gerard’s Dandenong have participated in the Early Harvest 2018 schools program which is run by the 100 Story Building organisation. This organisation offers children and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds the opportunity to foster their creative voice and to have their ideas shared and respected. They bring together young writers and members of Melbourne’s creative community, and encourage them to share their skills and understandings through creative storytelling excursions and publishing programs. The Early Harvest is a dynamic program that brings together an editorial board of grade 5/6 students and provides them with mentoring and workshops to publish an issue of the yearly literary journal ‘Early Harvest’.

For the past two terms, our grade 5/6 staff have engaged in professional learning around effective strategies for teaching narrative and also to support them to integrate authentic projects like the ‘Early Harvest’ into their curriculum.

The students have been engaged in workshops which have been delivered by 100 Story Building facilitators as well as by renowned authors such as Michael Wagner. The students have thoroughly enjoyed these workshops, picked up many writing tricks and have been putting together some amazing pieces of writing for the Early Harvest Publication.

We are proud to say that two of our students, Karishma and Quinton have been chosen to be on the editorial committee as editors and will work together with students from other schools on the creation of issue 7 of the Early Harvest magazine.

The professionally published magazine will be launched at a community event on Saturday, 17th November, where all students and their families who participated in the project will be invited to celebrate their achievement, alongside everyone who supported them throughout the process, including teachers, artists, authors, editors and illustrators.


Our students have experienced rich learning in the craft of writing through this partnership.






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