Enrolment Process and Fee structure

Enrolment Process for Prep 2023 - Every Person is Welcome

New families are invited to attend one of our open mornings or afternoons in March and April 2021 for a learning walk to experience learning in action throughout the school. It is also an opportunity to ask questions.
If you cannot make one of our Open days please call to arrange a personal tour.

Every person is welcome at St Anthony's. Before you enrol your child, please make sure you have visited our beautiful school. You are welcome to come to one of our open mornings or afternoons or you may like to organise a personal school tour by contacting Karen or Jamil at the front office.

Enrolment forms are available to download below or by emailing admin@sanoblepark.catholic.edu.au
A full enrolment pack is also available from our office. Your Application must include:
  • Enrolment Form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation Schedule
  • Visa information (if applicable)
  • Baptism Certificate (if applicable)
Applications for Prep enrolment are accepted by the School Office for consideration by the Principal and Parish Priest. Enrolments for all other year levels are accepted throughout the year, subject to availability and residential address. Consideration will be given to all enrolments.

Open mornings and afternoons are held regularly to share information about the school and provide families with a school tour. Come and enjoy a wander through our modern learning environments at an Open Day and see our staff and students learning in harmony. All students must turn 5 years of age before the 30th of April in the year they are to begin school. Our Parent Information booklet outlines all information you need to know about school life at St Anthony's.

Please find the following information to download.


Enrolment Form

Privacy Policy

Standard Collection Notice

Enrolment Policy

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct


School Fees 2021



It is compulsory for Catholic Schools to supplement Commonwealth and State Grants as part of the General Recurrent cost incurred in the running of the school. Hence it is necessary to have school fees and student fees as well as fund-raising efforts to raise money on the local level. 


The fees are as follows:

Family fee



Capital fee

$   150.00


Student levy

$   230.00



$   125.00


Camp Year 3/4

$   30.00

Dinner and activities at school

Camp Year 5/6

$   360.00

Camp Rumbug based on 2020 camp


It is important to mention that no student will be excluded because of an inability to pay fees. In these cases a suitable fee structure will be negotiated with the Principal.


However, it is the expectation that all families make every effort to meet their financial commitments. It is a matter of justice to all students and families that the financial burden is equally distributed.




The Archdiocese of Melbourne, through Catholic Education Melbourne, offers a Family Fee Assistance Scheme through funding to assist families to send their children to Catholic primary schools.


The scheme is available to families eligible for a means tested Health Care Card, Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or Veteran Affairs Pensioner Card. This scheme reduces the cost of the Family Fee and Capital Fee to a maximum of approximately $520 per year. The Student Levy, Swimming Levy and Outdoor Education (camp) costs are then added to this to give a total fee amount for the year.


Catholic schools have always welcomed families of all financial means. We hope that this scheme will make sending your child to a Catholic school even more affordable.


Fee statements are issued each term. Fees may be paid in full before March 19th for a 10% discount. For those who prefer to pay in installments fees can be paid in a number of ways either each week, fortnight, month, term or half-yearly. Fees may be paid in cash, by cheque, Eftpos or through Direct Debit.


The costs of these fees are decided annually by the School Advisory Group as it is necessary to review and assess the inflation rate which in turn effects our local contribution. Every year the costs of running a school increase, power, water, gas and maintenance, staff salaries and the cost of living increase every year, therefore our fees need to increase every year. 


School fees are set in accordance with the Catholic Education Melbourne Diocesan Policy.





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