Welcome back to school St Anthony's

We have created our Virtual Assembly this week to welcome and reaffirm, to put minds at ease, to say we missed you, to say we have lots of things in place to protect everyone's health and wellbeing and to celebrate us being back together. Click here to see Friday's Virtual Assembly.

Please see all back to school arrangements here.

Good morning St Anthony’s. You know what time it is don't you? VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY TIME!
HERE WE GO!!!!!!!
On Monday we all anticipate,
That all of our students will burst through the gate,
After months of independently learning from home,
They will finally be back in the school learning zone,
As you count down the days and ready your troops,
It’s important to remember the positive loops,
There will be mixed feelings, of excitement and worry,
So give your troops time, no need to hurry,
Spend some time planning and setting the scene,
Reassure them, encourage them, guide them, be keen,
Cuddle them, organise lunch, and let them pack their snacks,
Clean out the school bag and wash and dry their hats!
Double check that uniforms and school shoes will still fit,
And if not please don’t panic, don’t worry one little bit!
Focus on the little things that mean a brand new start,
And get ready for a Monday that will focus on the Heart,
And friendships and togetherness and learning in class bubbles,
And re-establishing new routines and extinguishing the troubles,
Of games and fun and outside play and lots and lots of talking,
Of music, mate-ship, swapping tales, climbing, running, walking,
Freedom, garden, making art, and seeing favourite teachers,
Sharing (not in google meets) and lots of personal features,
So don’t you worry, only three more sleeps until we see you here,
Everything is waiting for you, we can’t wait to have you near!
Happy Friday and we made it!!!!!
See you Monday!!!!

© 2018 St Anthony's School