Share a smile and win

Dear Families and Carers of St Anthony’s, this week, we mailed out “We Love St. Anthony’s” stickers as an invitation to “Share your Smile”, because quite frankly, we miss seeing the happy smiling faces of our students at school each day. Wanna see some smiles? Click on read more...

Whether you place the sticker on your car, your fridge or somewhere else, we hope that it makes you smile each time you see it.

If you would like to enter our "Share a Smile" competition, simply wait for your sticker to arrive in the mail, take a photo of your family where we can see the sticker, share it to and you will automatically enter the prize draw to win an Chrome book (3 to be won).
Winning Smiles will be drawn at the Father's Day Virtual Assembly on Friday September 11th.

We can’t wait to see your ‘Shared Smiles’ on FACEBOOK and DOJO and right here. 

Warm Regards,

Mrs Patrika Rowley

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