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25th May
Dental Screening

28th May
Feast of the Ascension

9th June

St Anthony's Feast Day Mass 9.30am

12th June

Long Weekend

13th June
Pupil Free Day

16th June
Whole School dental screening


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Welcome to St Anthony's School website

St Anthony’s Primary school is a unique school situated in the multicultural suburb of Noble Park. It offers a diverse learning environment, which caters for the individual needs of students.  Students participate in a fully comprehensive curriculum within a caring Catholic Community, which is strongly connected to our Parish of St Anthony’s.

We at St Anthony’s believe that it is only through an authentic partnership between families and the school that students can reach their fullest potential. We support this partnership through many innovative and engaging social occasions and through active parent participation in their child’s learning.

At St. Anthony’s we pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive community where the needs of all students are addressed.  We provide many opportunities to enhance the student’s potential. If students need special assistance we have the facilities and staff to provide this.

We invite you to explore this website to find out more about what St Anthony's has to offer you and your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information.

Community News.

This week Level 3s put their culinary skills to the test and made Vietnamese rice paper rolls using fresh veggies from our community garden.

To start off our Big Question unit for this term, Level 2 had an Immersion Day to introduce students to the topic of engineering.  We had 5 different tasks to choose from and in each task students had to design, create, test, reflect and evaluate.  The activities were:

  • Create a house for the Three Little Pigs that can fit all of them inside together and that is strong enough not to be blown down by the Big Bad Wolf
  • Create a boat or raft that will float safely on the water without sinking or breaking
  • Create an egg carrier to carry an egg safely to the ground when dropped from a height
  • Create a marble maze game to get the marble from the start to the end
  • Create a new toy that has a moving part

School as Banks for Social Capital
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Year 7, 2018 and 2019

Important Reminders for Year 7, 2018
Parents who have applied for Year 7 placement at an Independent or Catholic High School are asked to provide a photocopy of your letter of acceptance when it arrives and give to your child’s classroom teacher.

The 2017 enrolment forms for Year 7 placement at Government High Schools have been sent home to families who have expressed an interest. If you have not received one and would like one, please ask the front office for a form. These enrolment forms can be collected from the office and need to be returned to St Anthony’s no later than Friday 12th May.

Year 7, 2019 ( Current Year 5 students) - Changes to Year 7 enrolment process
Catholic Secondary Colleges have changed their timeframe for accepting applications for students in Year 5 2017. Students in Year 5 must enrol in Catholic Schools for Year 7 2019 by August 25th 2017.  If you wish for your child to attend a Catholic Secondary College, please put your application in as soon as possible. Please see your child’s teacher if you have any questions.
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