What is Cyber Safety?


Cyber Safety


What is cyber safety?

Being safe and responsible when using information and communication technology. Some examples of being cybersafe are:

  • keeping personal information safe and secure (e.g. name, address, school, credit card, password)
  • being respectful of other people online
  • learning about identifying good and bad behaviour online


The 3Cs of Safety in the Online World:


  • Think who you are sharing information with
  • Being careful of who you trust online


  • Thinking before you post or download
  • Being positive and respectful online
  • Not joining in cyber bullying


  • Thinking about the personal and private information online
  • Leaving a positive digital footprint
  • Being original online (e.g. Copyright/plagiarism)
  • Being alert online (e.g. to scams, pop-ups, ads)


Do you have a cyber safety concern for your child or school?

Please fill in this Cyber Safety Concern Form here





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