Mindfulness at St Anthony's

Mindfulness at St. Anthony's

Mindfulness at St Anthony’s is built into every day. It may take the form of mindful prayer, mindful meditation, mindful listening, mindful colouring, mindful movement or mindful brain breaks. Children learn to self regulate, to calm, to practise gratitude and to get ready to learn through mindful moments within their day. All learning spaces have mindful corners or mindful spaces for all to access when needed. 
We have been fortunate to work with Smiling Mind and the Mindful Curriculum and we have our own mindfulness expert on staff. 
Teacher mindfulness sessions occur every Tuesday at 1.55pm. Time for educators, time to be thankful, time to be grateful, time for mindful planned wellness. 

We have partnered with Smiling Mind who have brought us The Mindfulness Curriculum


Your children may have come home at some point and shared with you that they have been learning Mindfulness Meditation with Ms Victoria. Ms Victoria has been teaching Mindfulness Meditation and Wellbeing as part of the Performing Arts programme at St Anthony’s for 7 years now. The children really enjoy their weekly mindfulness and the opportunity to be reflective and calm at the beginning of the Performing Arts lesson which is often lots of fun and noisy!

As a catholic school, there is a big emphasis on reflecting on God and our relationship with God and the universe.

During our mindfulness meditation we are learning to pay attention to the moment on purpose and to notice thoughts, feelings, and sensations as they arise in the moment. We learn to not be judgemental of the thoughts and feelings that we experience, but instead to just be aware and notice. This tuning into ourselves can really help with regulating our responses and feelings to things as they arise. For example, instead of losing our temper, we are better able to recognise and name that feeling and then allow ourselves a quiet moment to breath and gather ourselves.

Some people may wonder how mindfulness meditation fits with Performing Arts, it is a great fit as it is the subject where children really learn about characters, people and how to be expressive and emotive. If they have a skill such as mindfulness it can also help to calm nerves down when children feel anxious about performing by being in the moment rather than worrying too much about what is coming.

We welcome you to question your child about what they know about mindfulness meditation and let them guide you in the kind of mindful meditation that they do at school.

Ms Victoria



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