Parent Advisory Group


The Parent Advisory Group


The Parent Advisory Group consists of the Principal, Deputy Principals, Staff and Parish Representatives and Parent Representatives.


The Parent Advisory Group was established to gain advice from parents about how to improve the connection between home and school.  The Group has provided great advice to the school about how the school can improve connections to parents.


This is not a decision making body but opinions are highly valued.  Many great ideas have come from the Advisory Group.


The role of the Parent Advisory Group is to provide parent feedback and support on the in the following areas:

  • School Review and Improvement
  • Catholic Life and Religious Education
  • Resources and Facilities
  • Curriculum Initiative
  • Student and their Learning
  • Parent Partnership, Consultation and Communication
  • Annual Plan

Expectations of the Advisory Group Member


Each Advisory Group Members is required to commit to the following:

  • Understand the Groups role
  • Have positive and constructive attitude
  • Preparing for Group meetings
  • Attending Group meetings
  • Bringing expertise and views to discussions on behalf of the who community
  • Participating actively and responsibly
  • Participating in committee work

Being a member of the SAAG (St Anthony's Advisory Group) from a parent perspective


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