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Term 4 Online Virtual Assemblies are here! Click on 'read more' to see our fabulous community building Virtual online assemblies. Tune in this week for all the latest news from our littlest learners, our Preps!

Term 4 Virtual Assemblies

Week 1
Good morning St Anthony’s. You know what time it is don't you? VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY TIME!
HERE WE GO!!!!!!!
On Monday we all anticipate,
That all of our students will burst through the gate,
After months of independently learning from home,
They will finally be back in the school learning zone,
As you count down the days and ready your troops,
It’s important to remember the positive loops,
There will be mixed feelings, of excitement and worry,
So give your troops time, no need to hurry,
Spend some time planning and setting the scene,
Reassure them, encourage them, guide them, be keen,
Cuddle them, organise lunch, and let them pack their snacks,
Clean out the school bag and wash and dry their hats!
Double check that uniforms and school shoes will still fit,
And if not please don’t panic, don’t worry one little bit!
Focus on the little things that mean a brand new start,
And get ready for a Monday that will focus on the Heart,
And friendships and togetherness and learning in class bubbles,
And re-establishing new routines and extinguishing the troubles,
Of games and fun and outside play and lots and lots of talking,
Of music, mate-ship, swapping tales, climbing, running, walking,
Freedom, garden, making art, and seeing favourite teachers,
Sharing (not in google meets) and lots of personal features,
So don’t you worry, only three more sleeps until we see you here,
Everything is waiting for you, we can’t wait to have you near!
Happy Friday and we made it!!!!!
See you

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Week 2
Good morning St Anthony’s
And we are back!
Back together and making the most of each day,
Back together and full of hope and nothing will stand in our way,
Back together and COVID safe, washing our hands like crazy,
Back together and feeling so good, with no time at all to be lazy,
Too much to do, friends to hang out with, and making up for lost time,
Classroom bubbles, social groups and distancing so we’ll be fine,
Being back together brings so much joy and happiness every day,
We hope our assembly captures this and brings some smiles your way!
Congratulations on a fab first week back beautiful people!!!!
See you next week!!!!!

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Week 3
Good morning St Anthony’s
We are coming to you early this week due to the public holiday tomorrow.
Book week has come and Grand Final is here,
Two great distractions to bring us some cheer,
With curious creatures and wild minded things,
Our week has reminded us of the joy celebrating brings,
A small little costume, some face paint, a mask,
Was all that was needed to have us a blast,
And today without worry of a gathering or song,
We acknowledge those footy clubs that help us belong,
In our colours we come to sing up there Cazaly,
There are games and activities and prizes, we’ll go crazy!
In teams we gather to sing our theme songs out loud,
All the while trying to avoid a big crowd,
Cause not even Covid will hold us back,
We’ll still find a way to give footy day a crack!
So tomorrow is a day to stay home and chill out,
Happy book week, happy holiday, and it’s over and out!!!!

Have a great long weekend everybody and fingers crossed for more easing of restrictions on Sunday. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
May the best team win!

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Week 4
Good morning St Anthony's!!!!!!!
Happy World Teachers' Day
So that means that we are celebrating the people who make our school the thriving learning metropolis that it is! So here we go......

They are always here so early and preparing the day,
and prepping and planning, cutting, arranging and carefully paving the way,
And looking for ways to engage and inspire,
And designing activities that children desire,
They listen to troubles and patch up and mend,
They do up shoe laces, listen to stories that never end,
They entertain and perform and create lovely spaces,
They are writers and readers and have smiles on their faces,
They are mathematicians and scientists and acrobats some days,
They are the very people who can melt the blues away,
They adapt and change and compromise and can be anything you ask,
They do it willingly and happily, even when wearing a mask!
They are superstars and champions and extra special people,
They are the ones we love and adore, for who we'd climb the highest steeple,
We all remember our favourite teacher, who made the journey start,
The one who turned the light switch on, emblazoned on our heart,
So today at St Anthony's we salute our precious resource,
None other than our team of incredible educators, of course,
Dressed as Gods and Goddesses (the students chose that theme!),
We wish you all the best of days, we love you to the extreme!!!!
Happy long weekend to all of you - you deserve this and so much more,

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Week 5

A shorter week has flown right by,
and the St Anthony's kids are flying high,
They are blitzing their learning and filling their mind,
And shining and caring and being kind,
They are keeping an eye on each other every day,
And impressing their teachers in every possible way,
A more terrific bunch of people would be hard to discover,
There are so many talents still yet to uncover,
So here's to our kids, the light of our days,
And here's to their resilience and magnificent ways,

We give thanks for our children and the wonderful work they have done this week in putting together our latest virtual assembly.

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Week 6
Good morning St Anthony's!!!!

It's Assembly time.

This week the level 3/4’s went to town,
Creating an assembly that will wipe away that frown,
In NAIDOC week they acknowledge the custodians of our land,
And respectfully send out the message at hand,
That in 60,000 years there’s so much we need to learn,
So many clever practices on the land for which we yearn,
The skills and techniques of all peoples before,
From farming to hunting and so very much more,
From caring for the land and mother nature’s grace,
And all of the great animals that wander this place,
We must keep our land vast and cared for and free,
So that all of our peoples can live here and be,
And be grateful and know of the stories that mould,
And dream of those stories that are yet to be told,
For this is the reason for NAIDOC week,
To honour the people and the practices we must keep,
To breathe in the breath of this mighty big land,
And be proud of the places on which we stand.
Every people, every nation, every colour, every race,
We, all of us belong to this mighty and beautiful place.

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Have a brilliant Friday everyone!!!!

Week 7
It's Assembly time!!!
This week our levels 1/2's take the lead,
supplying you with all the information you need,
smiling and laughing and having a ball,
running the prayer and birthdays and all,
We celebrate their cleverness every single day,
and thank them for being wonderful in every possible way.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Week 8
Good morning St Anthony’s!!!!!
It’s Assembly time again as we near the end of a long and adventurous collection of assemblies. They are all on the website if you ever want to revisit some magical moments.
This week our Preppies take the lead.....

They are our littlest of learners, our cream of the crop,
They are always up to something and always on the hop,
They actively seek out a challenge or task,
Excited about doing anything you ask,
They have the enthusiasm that we all once remember,
They have it in January and July and November,
It never wears out, this energy and passion,
They do absolutely everything in a joyful fashion,
They are growing so fast before our very own eyes,
They are bright they are happy they are the sweetest surprise!
If ever your day is sad or hard, don’t fret,
Just go for a visit down to Prep,
They’ll lift your spirits and brighten your day,
In possibly the most delightful way,
So here they are to bring you a smile,
For they are only our Preps for such a short while!
Have the best Friday everyone!!!!!

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Term 3 Virtual Assemblies

Week 1

I know we find ourselves back in remote
But we want you to know, to our families we devote
We have been here this week making things even tighter
So that you, our families can feel a little brighter
We are ready for learning we are ready to go
We are ready for anything we want you to know
So hold on tight, hold your kids to your heart
Sit back for assembly, together but apart
You see that's the whole purpose of our virtual show
To connect you all in and let community flow
To tell you how important you actually are
To tell you we are with you near or far
Be safe, be well, be present, be together
Because online learning won't be forever
But it's what we have now to power us along
So join us now for the getting ready song!!!!!

Mrs Rowley and the sensational team at St Anthony's

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Week 2
Week 2 has rolled around in term 3,
and there is no-one else here that could be prouder than me!
You've seen our staff do tiktocks, songs and raps,
You've heard them send wishes, and do intricate taps,
But this week we bring you the best of all time,
A fun happy bear hunt with costumes, props and rhyme,
with a much loved classic, a bear hunt to boot,
It will give you a laugh, it is a really good hoot!
So with screen free Friday approaching us fast,
settle in together and prepare for a laugh,
You all deserve it, we thank you, give a shout!
From Mrs Rowley and the staff, happy Friday, over and out!
Happy Friday everyone and don't forget to switch off at 1pm. It's time to look after yourselves, your families and do something together that doesn't involve a screen.
You have all been amazing this week.

Week 3
Week 3 has rolled around even better than week 2,
And we have had some celebrating to do!
For remote 2.0 has taught us to go deeper,
Our learning curve, certainly a whole lot steeper!
We decided what was especially clear,
Was creating a tribute to those we hold dear,
And just like we did when family week came,
We do again today in our grandparents name,
They are the ones who most often are afar,
But today it doesn’t matter how far apart we are!
We love our elders, on our heartstrings they tug,
And more than anything we want to give them a great big hug,
Overseas, down the road, wherever they be,
On Grandparents Day we celebrate with glee.
They adore and boast and watch their grandkids grow,
And today we really want them to know,
We love them, we miss them, we can’t wait to cuddle,
As soon as we are out of this Covid muddle!
So sit back and snuggle up tight for the show,
Grandies, we love you more than you’ll ever know!
Happy Grandparent’s Day St Anthony’s

Week 4 - 100 days of Prep edition!
Here we go....
100 days have rolled around in the magical world of prep,
We’ve proudly been supporting them along their every step,
They’ve grown so much within this time, there really is no doubt,
And on this most auspicious day we miss having them about!
If they were here at school right now we’d celebrate in style,
And if we wait until they’re back it will take a little while,
So with virtual learning teaching us that many things can transform,
The idea of a virtual party started to be born,
And clever teachers coming up with groovy new ideas,
Booked a disco, virtually, to dance, chat and give cheers!
So join me now in saying well done I know you all are yearning,
Because today we celebrate 100 days of learning.
Let’s go! Assembly time St A’s!

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Week 5 - Spread kindness like confetti
It’s Friday again and the news is out,
That St Anthony’s is spreading kindness about,
They’re sharing the kindness that keeps spirits high,
In uncertain times it’s what gets us all by,
For when there is so much we are forbidden to do,
Today’s special broadcast comes straight to you,
To demonstrate that stage 4 won’t get us down,
We will share things together all over the town,
Share kindness, share food, share laughter and hugs,
Share jackets, share fruit, share chocolates, trade mugs,
We hope that today we can share with you here,
A message of hope that is totally clear,
Something that is even better than spaghetti,
To spread around kindness just like confetti!!!!
Thinking of you all, we know it’s tough. We are here for you today and every day. Happy Friday and enjoy your early finish today. Go out and spread some kindness!!!
Patrika and the super team!!!

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Week 6 - Science Week
A vastness of turquoise in a world that we love,
Reflected in skies that soar far above,
Ripples of water and thrashings of foam,
The pounding of waves on the sand where we roam,
This freedom, this life source, this ribbon of blue,
This mighty deep chasm, this power of renew,
With every generation we want to explore,
And marvel at the ocean with wonder and awe,
In science week we keep digging deep,
Researching and probing for the answers we seek,
Asking big questions, being curious of course,
In order to protect our most precious resource.

We hope you have enjoyed your week of science and experiments!!!
Happy science week St Anthony’s!!!

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Week 7 - Celebrating Pets and Companionship

Good Morning St Anthony’s!!!

Today’s assembly is all about Celebrating pets and companionship.
In the midst of a lockdown there’s so much we can’t get,
And that’s why we’re grateful for the company of a pet,
Whether feline or canine or reptile or mammal,
Furry or scaley, lizard, fish or camel,
4 legged, 2 legged, paws, claws or wings,
Covered in feathers, that bite, snap or sting,
Whether barking or panting or chasing a tail,
Quick as a fox or slow as a snail,
Licking profusely or purring or chirping,
Howling or marching, tweeting or burping,
Growling or puffing or doing great tricks,
Bowling you over with stinky-breathed licks,
Our pets are the best and not one thing comes close,
To snuggling pet buddies no matter how gross,
No matter how smelly they possibly can be,
O precious pet companions, we celebrate thee!!!
So grab your best pet and hold on to them tight,
And I promise that everything will be alright.
Love from Mrs Rowley, Griff, Janie, the chickens, the rocks, and all the staff and pets of St Anthony’s!

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Week 7 - Celebrating Fathers and special person's Day

Good Morning St Anthony's. It is a long one this week, but boy is it worth it!!!!!

Father’s Day
As we near this most auspicious day,
When we celebrate fathers in the most lovely way,
We are called to reflect on the ways of a dad,
And all of those moments that many of us have had,
Of love and dedication, of teaching us things,
Like changing a Tyre and technical things,
Like checking the oil in your brand new car,
Like that time when he came to rescue you from afar,
Like countless occasions when he sat to teach you things,
Like holding you close and the comfort that brings,
Like holding your hand on your hardest day,
And that time he chased the monsters away,
And every single time when you let him down,
And he’d still have your back and drive you around town,
He’s the king of castle,
He does dad jokes on cue,
He’s the master of the barbecue,
He champions the road trip,
And he loves a home cooked dinner,
He’s passionate about his kids,
To his kids he is a winner!
Without our dads and father figures wherever would we be?
Without the guiding influence of a stepdad or grandee?
Of an uncle or a brother or a treasured family friend,
A guiding fatherly role model of any type or blend?
We absolutely love them whatever form they come in,
They are simply unforgettable, precious, loving, stunning,
Happy, happy Father’s Day to every one who dad’s,
Happy, happy father’s day to all our lovely lads!!!
With love to all of our families on Father’s Day 2020 together, some apart, many separated by country, by state, some already gone, many just not able to visit. We are with you. We are thinking of you.
Patrika and the team

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Week 9 and 10 - Celebrating our families


This week is all about Thank you
To every mum and dad, every guardian, every carer and every friend,
We accomplished 2.0 and we made it to the end,
Every megabyte and gigabyte, every terabyte fair and square,
Every chrome book, every iPad, PC, desktop, MacBook Air,
Every set up, every study nook, every office in every home,
Has contributed to each success and story of being known,
All our teachers’ working tirelessly to connect in every way,
Always present, always listening, and connecting every day,
Google classrooms, google meets, dojo stories, virtual zooms,
Small group sessions, individual lessons, and virtual breakout rooms,
We praise our hero parents for their commitment to connection,
We acknowledge them as teachers, for giving great direction,
We commend them for their resilience, for always pushing through,
For now they know there’s absolutely nothing they can’t do,
So thank you, please remember that this journey that we travel,
Without you wouldn’t stay on track, and would possibly unravel,
Take the time to rest and calm and breathe and meditate and play,
As you all switch off and start this very well earned holiday.
From all of us, your leaders, your teachers, the whole team,
‘Cause on the other side of lock down is the life that we all dream.
Three days to go next week and time to just be. Thank you so much for your encouragement and trust in us. Our staff will be taking a proper break for two weeks and will be back ready to go from Monday October 5th. Until then,
much love and best wishes,
Patrika and the super team at St Anthony’s.

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Term 2 Virtual Assemblies - a collection to make you laugh, cry and feel good.

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