Celebrating our online learning successes

Our educators are making every day a fun day. Here is just a sample of some of our learning platforms. We encourage our families to access some of the learning every day. Every day we check in on EVERYONE!

A snapshot of our Prep learning. Thank you to our incredible Prep team for designing, refining and monitoring so well. Seeking feedback from our Prep families helps us to keep modifying the program to suit our families.

A snapshot of our 1 and 2 learning. Thank you to this very organised team who collaborate so well everyday to design their interactive and engaging programs. They are constantly in touch, constantly looking for ways to make access easier and constantly checking in on all of their learners. What a fun program!

Performing arts snapshot!

Physical Education snapshot!

Daily communication and feedback is the key!

A snapshot of our Level 3 and 4 learning. Some 3/4 snapshots from the Google classroom! Our 3/4 team are consistently working hard to design learning content that is independent and fun. At check in times we are seeing more and more learners in the google meet enjoying some chat time and seeking ideas on their daily tasks. The 3/4 teachers are so proud of their students. We are proud of them all!

A snapshot of our Level 5 and 6 learning.

Our 5/6 team are a cohesive team who have been working so very hard to be there every day for their families and learners. This superteam collaborate so well in every way and this week begin their small group levelled literacy instruction groups via Google Meet. So impressed. Well done.

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