Nude Food 2020

There is only one week to go until students return to school. St Anthony’s wishes to remind families that we are a committed to being a nude food school. The Student leaders and children are passionate about no plastic waste-free school grounds.
What does this mean?

In an effort to cut down on waste and encourage an attitude of care for our environment (including in our canteen this year), we ask that pre- packaged, wrapped foods are not brought to school ie. no packets of chips / popcorn; no packaged yoghurt; no glad wrap, etc. (beeswax wraps are a good alternative so are individually named smaller containers).
Lunch boxes with smaller recyclable containers are recommended. Your child will require a ‘fruit snack’ which will be eaten in class mid-morning. A small separate container is recommended and rather than a large item such as a whole apple we suggest sliced fruit, grapes, berries, carrot sticks, etc which can be easily handled and consumed while working.
At first recess break, children have something decent to eat. Most students enjoy a roll / wrap/ sandwich or small salad or rice/noodle in a thermos.
At second break more snacks are consumed. Snacks include more fruit/vegetables, a savoury muffin, popcorn, yoghurt ( all in recyclable containers please).
Lunch boxes that clearly help a young student recognise foods for different breaks are recommended. Please remember we have a number of students with nut allergies and ask that nuts ( including peanut butter and nut bars) are not brought to school.
Please label all lunch boxes and smaller containers clearly. Please label drink bottles. Students may bring water only to school.
Thank you in advance for your ongoing support to help us be an authentic nude food environment.

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