Our Catholic Identity means a lot to us

Red house is NICHOLAS named after St Nicholas which Red house is known for kindness. St Nicholas had a giving and charitable heart and was known for giving to those in need. 


Yellow house is MACKILLOP named after St Mary Mackillop because students in yellow house represent courage, and as a Yellow house member we should also encourage other houses, just as St Mary Mackillop helped others. 


Green house is THERESA named after St Theresa the little flower, because students in green house represent love, just like she did as she spent her time doing good and being an inspiration to many in making God loved by all. She was humble and devoted in her life to God. This relates to the Catholic Social Teaching of Solidarity where Jesus asks us to work together as a family to make life better for those around the world.


Blue house is ANDREW named after St Andrew the Apostle because students in blue house represent sportsmanship, friendship and acceptance of others.

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