Learning and Teaching at St Anthony's in 2019

Looking back, even twenty years, at teaching and learning in Primary school; teachers and teaching was often different than what we see in classrooms/learning spaces at St Anthony’s today.

St Anthony’s teachers are more highly educated/qualified to teach than in the past. All teachers have four-year teaching degrees or 3 or four year degrees in a discipline like science, arts, language and then complete a Masters in teaching. Many of our teachers and school leaders have Masters degrees related to educational leadership, student wellbeing and other related disciples in addition to their teaching qualifications.


Educational and child development research in the past decade has changed the way that teachers and school leaders understand what teachers need to do for children to learn best. St Anthony’s teachers apply this knowledge to build students skills and knowledge, and to ensure that students are both challenged and supported to flourish.


Students are provided with a range of experiences, which are expertly designed to drive student academic, spiritual and personal growth by highly educated and skilled teachers and school leaders. Teaching and Learning at St Anthony’s engages students to think deeply, to learn actively and to strive to achieve.


Teaching and Learning at St Anthony’s in 2019 is very different from days gone by, when students sat at desks in rows and were all expected to learn the same thing at the same time. Like many areas of society teaching has advanced and developed as a profession with highly educated staff who rely on high quality research to deliver high impact teaching. Our children are the winners and benefit from the most informed and rigorous teaching and learning strategies in history.

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