Targetted Programs

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Strategic Assistance for Improving Student Outcomes (SAISO)

Targetted ProgramsThe Australian Government provides funding to State and Territory government and non-government education authorities to improve learning outcomes for students with disabilities. Schools with students who meet the eligibility criteria for funding can apply for funded support. Funding is available to assist schools and their students under the categories of chronic health, vision and hearing impairment; physical, intellectual and social / emotional disabilities and severe language disorders.

St. Anthony’s has a number of students involved with the SAISO Program. Their learning and teaching goals are determined on an individual basis and are designed to meet the specific outcomes determined by the members of the PSG (Program Support Group). Members of this group include parents and classroom teachers and at times the students themselves, who meet regularly with the Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator to monitor student progress and identify new learning goals. As it becomes appropriate, other relevant school staff and specialists such as Speech Pathologists will attend PSG meetings to assist with student’s Individual Learning Plans (ILPs).

St. Anthony’s currently employs three School Officers (Teacher Aides) to support the learning goals identified in student ILPs. They work directly with students on the SAISO Program either individually or in small group situations within and outside of the classroom.


Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an early intervention strategy providing intensive, individual help for students experiencing difficulty with learning to read and write. Through daily individual lessons over a 16 -20 week period, students in Year 1 who are identified as achieving very low literacy levels and in most need of assistance, are taught strategies to enable them to become more active and independent readers and writers, better able to join in the daily literacy activities of the classroom. Facilitated by St. Anthony’s trained Reading Recovery Teacher, learning takes place in a one-to-one setting.


New Arrivals students/Recent arrivals students

The English as a Second Language - New Arrivals (ESL-NA) Programme provides Australian Government funding to State and Territory government and non-government education authorities to assist with the cost of delivering intensive English language tuition to eligible newly arrived migrant primary and secondary school students. This targeted funding aims to improve the educational opportunities and outcomes of newly arrived students of non-English speaking backgrounds by developing their English language competence and facilitating their participation in mainstream educational activities.

St. Anthony’s employs a New Arrivals Teacher who supports the academic, social and emotional needs of eligible New Arrivals students. This support focuses primarily on language acquisition and literacy development. At times students will work intensively with the teacher in small groups. Alternatively, the teacher may work with the classroom teacher and student / students across the week within the mainstream classroom environment.

St. Anthony’s is also able to provide teaching staff and an Arabic speaking teacher aide to continue to support the academic needs of Recent Arrival Students.


National Partnership

This is a Federal Government partnership which is targeted to assist low SES schools.  Through this partnership we are able to individualise our provision of instruction for students under achieving.  It also allows us to employ a School and Community Convenor who is able to assist with developing partnerships.


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