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Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator

St. Anthony’s Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator works with students, their families and staff to ensure both the social and emotional wellbeing of all students, and their satisfactory academic progress. This role is supported by the school’s Wellbeing Team, made up of staff from across the school. Their primary task is to identify and support students who are need of additional support and particular pastoral care. This team meets regularly and implements the Risk Assessment Management Program (R.A.M.P.) to guide them in their work.


Risk Assessment and Management Process (R.A.M.P.)

The Risk Assessment and Management Process (R.A.M.P.) is an early identification and intervention process designed to improve the wellbeing and access to learning opportunities for at-risk students. While whole school prevention approaches target all students, RAMP is designed for the 20 to 30% of students that the World Health Organisation has indicated will require some kind of psychosocial support or intervention in schools.

The Student Wellbeing Team at St. Anthony’s uses R.A.M.P. to guide the development of individually tailored action plans that build resilience for students at risk.


External Support For Students

In seeking to support the social, emotional and academic needs of students, the school’s Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator liaises with outside organisations. In assisting staff to better support students, St. Anthony’s has forged strong relationships with the Catholic Education Office, Foundation House, CentaCare, Larmenier School; and Child, Adolescent and Mental Health Services (CAMHS). St. Anthony’s is particularly grateful for the services of provisionally trained psychologists from the Cairnmillar Institute. In 2007 the psychologist attended the school each week, providing counselling services for students on a needs basis.


Buddies Program

Recognising the challenging transition to Primary school, each Prep class combines with a Year 6 class at the beginning of the year to form ‘buddies’ between respective students. The Year 6 ‘buddies’ will assist the Preps in areas such as occasional in-class support, attendance at whole school liturgies in the church and always be a familiar face for them in the school playground. This strives to reduce the anxieties of our new students in settling into school life and calls on the senior students for an increased sense of leadership.


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