Schools as Banks for Social Capital

St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School and Dandenong West Primary School are schools committed to realising the potential of every student and every family.

In many ways our schools and our communities are just like yours, in other ways, there are factors that make work in our communities challenging and complex. It’s this challenge that unites us and forces us to lift the bar for  ourselves, our students, and our families.

We have been committed to finding new ways of supporting our students and families for a number of years, however the support of Mission Australia, and funding through ‘Communities for Children’ has enabled us to accelerate our progress.

Our partnership has not only created an invaluable opportunity to work with and within two different school sectors, it has allowed us to form genuine partnerships with other service providers in our community. Both of our communities are richer because of this.

Leading this work has taught us a lot about bringing people together in the best interests of children and their learning, and we are delighted to share our story with you.

This artefact seeks to share some of our insights, achievements and lessons learnt. We hope it encourages and inspires you to think more about what success might look like in your own community.

Click here to read more about the Schools as Banks for Social Capital partnership  or watch the videos below.

“For us here at St Anthony’s, we chose to invest in school and community – and that’s paid off in every other area.”

“I believe that all schools create an improvement cycle when they work in five areas: leadership, instructional guidance, student centered learning, building professional capacity, and enhancing family and school ties.”

Ms Marg Batt, Principal,
St. Anthony’s Catholic School


“Dandenong West is a school made up of people who are recently arrived to Australia. They need to be connected to the Australian community, they
need to be connected each other, they need to be connected to schools.”

“Be brave – don’t be scared of failing. It’s by taking risks and being brave that we’ve been able to open up a whole world
to our communities.”

Ms Beverley Hansen, Principal,
Dandenong West Primary School


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