Student Health


Emergency Information

At the beginning of each year, parents are asked to fill in a form that details student health needs, home telephone numbers, work numbers, mobile phone numbers and emergency contact numbers. It is crucial that these numbers are kept current and that when addresses, telephone numbers or health conditions change, the office is informed in writing.



A teacher or staff member can only administer medication to your child if they have written authorisation to do so by a parent or a doctor.

A permission form for administering medication is provided in your Information Pack. More forms are available from the school office or via download from the link above.

Please name all medicine containers that are used at school, including inhalers. All medications, apart from inhalers, will be placed in a locked cabinet in the first aid room.

The medication will be given through the school office at times indicated on the Authorisation Medication Form.


Reducing the Spread of Infections

Infections with or without illness, are common in children. When children attend school they are exposed to a large number of children, increasing the opportunity for the spread of infectious diseases. It is not possible to prevent the spread of all infections and illnesses within schools, however a lot of illnesses from infectious disease can be prevented.

Please refer to the Recommended Exclusion Periods for Infectious Conditions produced by Victoria's Deparment of Health.



Whilst children are at school many families will have contact with head lice. The information contained on the Victorian Government's Department of Health website will help you treat and control head lice.

The site includes information about:


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