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St. Anthony’s School has the following fees and charges:

  • Family Fee – This single fee covers all members of the one family and can be paid by the week, month, term or year. Direct debit facility available.

  • Student Levy – This fee is payable for each student at the school and covers books, stationery and excursions for the year.

You will receive an account during the first week of February. With the account you will receive a letter explaining how you can pay and what rebates are available, i.e. Educational Maintenance Allowance - see below.

Accounts are sent out twice each term. All families are expected to pay their accounts. Any family experiencing difficulties must contact the school quickly to arrange a meeting with the Fees Committee or the Parish Priest.

Government Assistance
An Education Maintenance Allowance is payable by the Government to holders of a Health Care Card or Pension Card. The Card must be valid as of the first day of Term 1 for the first payment, and the first day of Term 3 for the second payment.

To obtain this assistance, parents must fill in application forms (EMA Form) and return to the school office by the applicable closing date. Late applications will not be accepted by the Department of Education. Always keep checking the newsletters for updates.

This allowance is not related to School Fees and can be claimed whether you have paid your school fees or not.

The Government also pays a School Start Bonus direct to parents of children commencing in Prep. The School Start Bonus voucher is included in the Information Pack and may be redeemed at Australia Post.

For further information regarding school fees please contact the school office.

St. Anthony’s school aims to provide a Catholic education for all Catholic children in our Parish. Therefore, any family who wish to enrol a child and are experiencing financial difficulties can make an appointment to speak to the Parish Priest or our school Principal to discuss the payment of school fees.


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