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Car Park

The car park next to the Church is shared by the Parish and School. It is very important that all members of the school community show respect for each other and follow the car park rules.

~ If arriving prior to the school bell, do not queue, please park in the bays provided
~ Turn left from the Car Park between the times 3.20 to 3.45 pm

These rules ensure the swift and efficient movement of cars through this area.


Closure Days

St. Anthony’s School values highly trained teachers that keep abreast with educational developments. It is during these days that professional development activities are conducted with the staff. Childcare will normally be open on these days for the entire day if sufficient students are enrolled.



St. Anthony’s School has two school crossings. One on Buckley Street and the other on Alfred Street in Noble Park. Both of these crossings are manned in the morning and the afternoon. Children and parents must use these crossings when traversing these two streets.


Lost Property

Children are expected to look after their own property. Every effort will be made to help find any lost items but only if the name of the student is on the item. All unnamed clothing or articles handed to Lost Property will be kept until the end of term after which they will be given to St. Vincent De Paul Society.

Lost Property is located in the Library Foyer.

Please note - Biro and marking pens do fade after continual washing. Please check the visibility of names at least once a term.

No responsibility will be taken for expensive toys, electrical devices or sporting equipment brought home. No toy guns or knives are permitted at school.



  • Everyone in our school community is expected to:
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Respect property
  • Care for others
  • Acknowledge others doing the right thing
  • Work hard to keep the playground safe
  • Treat people courteously
  • Wear school uniform with pride


Support Teams

School Advisory Board

Faith Development Team

Parish Leadership Team

Parents’ Liaison

Student Representative Council

School Development Committee

Religious Education Team

Student Wellbeing Team

Occupational, Health & Safety Committee

Contemporary Education Team


Visitors to the School

Alll visitors to our school must report to the office.

Visitors must obtain a Visitor Badge and Lanyard from the school office and sign the Visitors Register, prior to moving around the school property during school hours. This affords parents, children and staff every opportunity for safety.


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