Spiritual Development



The best way you can help your children with their spiritual development is to be living examples of what you want for them. Through example you will be building the framework of experiences which our teachers will reinforce and build on.

The religion topics covered are designed to meet the needs of the children and are based on the Religious Education texts “To Know, Worship And Love”. The topics are designed to help the children to develop an awareness and appreciation of themselves, others around them, their families, and the talents they have been given by God. Through this awareness of their life experiences and the world around them we are able to assist the children in developing a relationship with God.


Nurturing Faith

The greatest expression of our faith is the Eucharistic celebration. Children’s faith can be greatly nurtured by attending Mass. Through the Mass children learn:

  • Spiritual Development that they belong to a Parish family;
  • to join their hands - a special sign that we are going to talk to God;
  • the sign of the cross - begins and ends any special prayer;
  • to pray the formal and traditional prayers of our Church;
  • know how to stand and kneel for prayers;
  • how to behave in a Church;
  • to genuflect;
  • about the involvement and commitment others have to our faith.

Throughout the school year special Masses are held in the Parish Church. Watch the newsletter for details. Please see Parish Website for Mass times.


Praying with your child

Prayer is essential to living a Christian life. In prayer we reach out, celebrate and acknowledge God. Prayer time is a special time in each classroom at St. Anthony’s. Through daily prayer your child will appreciate that there are many creative ways to pray and many things to pray for. Praying with your child at home may be assisted by considering the following prayers forms.

God our Creator, help us today in all that we do and say, Amen.

Meal Time
Thank you God for those who care for us and provide us with this food we are about to eat, Amen.

Night Time
Loving God, thank you for all the good things that have happened today, for the things I have learnt, the people who have helped me and the things I have seen, Amen.

Thank You Prayer
Thank you God for the beautiful sun that was shining today.
Thank you for my friends, we had so much fun today.
Thank you for my family who love and care for me, Amen.

Help Prayer
Dear God, please help me to be the best person I can be, Amen.
Dear God, please help Grandma to get better quickly, Amen.

Formal Prayer
Children can also be encouraged to pray the “Our Father” and the “Hail Mary”.


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