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Prep Enrolment

Parents are invited to attend an Open Week at the beginning of May each year which marks the opening of the enrolment process for the following year. Parents can obtain an enrolment application form from the school office.

All students must turn 5 years of age before the 30th of April in the year they are to begin school.


Enrolment of StudentsEnrolment Process

The enrolment procedure at St. Anthony’s, is in accordance with the school’s enrolment policy. When submitting an application for enrolment, parents need to provide a copy of the child's birth, baptism and immunisation documents which will be retained by the school. Children born overseas or are a new arrival to Australia, may require passport and visa information to be supplied.

At the end of Term 2 all parents / guardians applying are scheduled an appointment with the Parish Priest to discuss the enrolment of your child.

Towards the middle of Term 3 families will receive a letter outlining the result of their application. Successful applicants will then have a meeting scheduled with the Principal or Deputy Principal in late Term 3 where the general characteristics and specific learning requirements of your child will be discussed.

Families may seek enrolment for Years 1 to 6 at any stage of the year. Enrolments for Year Prep beyond Term 2 will depend on availability.


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