St Anthony’s school discipline policy strives to help students grow into self-disciplined, responsible and social people. Each class throughout the school develops its own classroom discipline and management procedures based on Lee Canter’s Assertive Discipline approach. Classroom procedures outline rules, rewards and consequences of behaviour and the steps that will be taken to assist children in making responsible and appropriate choices. Violence or bullying is not accepted in any form.

Children have the right to feel secure and to learn without disruption.

Rights: Each student has -

  • An equal right to an education
  • The right to expect a safe and supportive environment
  • The right to be treated fairly

Responsibilities: Each student needs -

  • To treat other students and staff with respect
  • To be responsible and accountable for their behaviour
  • To take care of school, personal and others’ property.
  • To practise good personal hygiene


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