At St Anthony’s we believe that a child is best educated in partnership with families and to do this ‘communication’ is the key.  This communication is two way.

The school will:

  • Endeavour to get to know you and form a strong relationship
  • Keep you informed on current events and issues
  • Initiate communication about your childs progress
  • Plan formal and informal school activities
  • Provide  childcare for formal school occasions

As parents you can:

  • Get to know your childs’ teacher and form strong relationships
  • Read the newsletter and notes that come home
  • Fill in and return important forms i.e. emergency/medical details forms, permission to administer medication forms, excursion/swimming permission forms
  • Attend Parent – Teacher afternoons or evenings
  • Make appointments with teachers to discuss matters for clarification
  • Send a note to the class teacher to explain your childs’ absence or why they are not in correct school uniform.
  • Avail yourselves of the chance to attend informal / formal social activities where you will get to know and speak to school staff.
  • Keep the school informed of family situations that may affect the childs safety or health
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