School Advisory Board



The School Advisory Board is a group intended to represent the broader school community and those persons closest to the students who will share responsibility for guiding the school toward continuous improvement.   In addition to advising on policy matters, the Board identifies educational needs, establishes objectives for educational programs and formulates long-range plans.

The School Advisory Board is included in the decision making at the school and assisting with the implementation of the annual preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan.

The Board is composed of the school Principal, the Deputy Leaders, Family School partnership convenor and parents.

The School Board exists to provide a representative structure that:-

  1. Allows for the discussion and development of education policy and planning in relation to curriculum, as well as the physical environment of St. Anthony’s Parish Primary School.
  2. Assists the Parish Priest and School Principal with advice regarding issues specific to St. Anthony’s Community.
  3. Liaise with other parish groups associated with the school.

The Board meets approximately eight times a year; its members present an annual report to the Parish Priest.

Parents are encouraged to show interest in the Board and its functions. If you are interested in participating please contact the Principal Marg Batt on 9546 0044 or email


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